A.M. Ream Poetry · January 2016 · New Beginnings Poetry · Poetry

Dreams Come True

Once upon a time,

a young girl

created a kingdom

that only she could visit.

It was a magical place

where every wish

she imagined

always came true.

As she grew older,

she began to visit

the kingdom less,

wondering if

it wasn’t as magical

of a place as

she once thought

it could be.

Years passed,

and the kingdom

became a

desolate place.

All of the inhabitants

began to disappear

until there was

no one left.

Eventually, the girl,

who had gradually

become a young woman,

buried all traces

of the kingdom,

for she discovered

that everything

she had created,

all of the wishes

and hopes and dreams

were just like leaves

that blew away and

eventually died.

Until one day she met

a man who was just

like the knight she

loved in that magical

kingdom, apart from

his strange suit of armor.

It was made of a

softer material,

much like his heart,

And unlike the knight,

he bore the title

of an officer

and a gentleman,

the same blue eyes

and dark hair.

Only this time, he didn’t

merely exist in her dreams.

He was as real as she was,

sweeping her off her feet,

whisking her away to a new place

where they could

build a kingdom

of their own.


–January 18, 2016

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