Poetry · Words on Canvas · Writing from 2014 to 2015

The Mirror

For most of my life, I always saw my level of sensitivity as a curse.

The ocean of thoughts in my head made me feel as if I were always drowning.

And the worst was not being able to understand why I was this way,

so different from everyone I knew.

But now I realize that I was not born that evening in May.

Many lives had passed before the latest rebirth.

In each of these lifetimes, it was always meeting you

that finally brought light into the darkness.

The brightness and beauty of your soul was all that it took

to make me understand it all. I only seemed so different

Because my soul needed to find it’s perfect mirror.

And that’s you, my love. Every person I’ve ever been,

and every person I become will always be perfect because of you.

No matter what name you bear, no matter which shell hides your soul,

to me you will always be home. And I will never be able express in words,

in glances, nor in touch just how wonderful it feels to have found you.


–September 14, 2015

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