A.M. Ream Poetry · Poetry

Chain of Life


One hand grasping
the past,
the loved ones
who imprinted
their legacy
in my life,
dear souls who
have passed on.
The other hand
holding tightly
to my future,
children who have
seemed to inch
closer to adulthood
in such a short
span of time,
and the rest of
my family who
keep my life
full of happiness
and hope.
A chain of life
that continues
with each

One thought on “Chain of Life

  1. Reblogged this on breathwords and commented:
    Day One A-Z Challenge, People Edition (A)

    For my very first go at this, I chose this lovely lady to spotlight. I follow her on many social media outlets, but I really wanted to take the time to delve into her words.

    She has a knack for evoking emotion that touches. Each poem, a glimpse into the woman behind the words. From her writing alone, I can tell how strongly she feels, how much her family means, her effort to embrace life.

    She creates art with words, in longer pieces and the shorter blips that reach out and grab you.

    Check her out! – A


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