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Feature by Instahaikugram


For those of you unfamiliar with @aracelimream it’s a real honor to introduce her this morning as our Featured Writer. An Army wife who started writing again when she met her husband-to-be almost 3 years ago, she adds this insight: “I had written a lot of poetry, prose, and songs during my childhood and through college. I write because I have words and feelings inside of me that want to be shared. And I love the poetry community on Instagram.” Ariceli also has 3 kids, 2 step kids, an English bulldog, and a cat. She continues, “My hobbies include reading, running, and listening to music.” You owe it to yourself to visit her page!


In part 2 of our continuing Featured Writer Series with @aracelimream the conversation continued: “I studied music education in college (piano and voice), play the drums as well, and taught elementary music for over 4 years. I used to write for ‘A Better Today Media,’ an online magazine, when they were still active. And I have a poem published in ‘Love Poetry’: ‘An International Anthology of Poems on Love, Romance, and Relationships.'” A great example of what a writer can accomplish through hard work and dedication, Araceli is an inspiration to us all. We are honored to feature you! Thanks again for sharing with us at #instahaikugram 👌

(Be sure to check out more features on Instahaikugram.)

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